We’re helping shape the lives of 47,000 children every day, championing early learning in the first five years, through innovative and evidence-based care and teaching methods. We know the first 1000 days are crucial to all future learning and development, and the interactions, experiences and relationships during this period will have life-long impacts. Our Education Strategy is designed to promote the very best practices that will help children fulfil their potential. We have a clear sense of purpose that we share with the passionate and dedicated people who are part of our G8 family. Our core values of passion, innovation, dedication, compassion and integrity, unite us on our journey to ensure the health and happiness of future generations, the precious little lives entrusted in our care each day.

A World Of Opportunity

The depth and breadth of G8 Education, with more than 430 centres across Australia, opens a world of possibilities to our team members. Importantly, our size allows us to engage with leading experts in early childhood education and care so that you have the opportunity to grow and learn from the best. That’s an immediate advantage as you seek to gain new skills and knowledge, build confidence and reap the rewards of doing a job you love and that rewards you back. There are many ways that you can build a meaningful and satisfying career with G8 Education, whether it’s the daily joy of working with little people, stepping up into a leadership position or branching out into an allied support role.

Many Brands, One Team

Just as every child we care for in our centres is a special individual, so too are the people who work with us. We have numerous brands under the G8 Education umbrella, and we are one team – dedicated, passionate and supportive. We celebrate each other’s successes, through awards, internal recognition and our annual National Conference. And we don’t forget the little things that bring a glow to any working day. You’ll hear “Good job, well done” a lot when you work with G8 Education.

Do Good, Feel Good

At G8 Education we believe in the power of the individual to do good – in the workplace, within our circle of friends and family, and in the wider community. Helping others is fundamental to our culture and we aim to instill this in the children we care for and our own team. Over the years we have supported many community initiatives and charities. Our centre teams and children have raised money for the Drought Relief Appeal, collected Band-Aids for Evie’s Band-Aid Bonanza, supporting Children’s Hospitals in two States, and we have contributed our own “sweat labour” to Clean Up Australia. We’ve also taken part in nappy collections, fun runs, blood donation drives and too many local charities to list. We’ve learned that the joy of giving is far greater than receiving, and collectively, the 9,800 passionate and caring people who are part of the G8 family can make a real difference. There’s nothing like doing good to feel good.

Sustainable Future

As one of Australia’s largest providers of early childhood education and care we are in a unique position to encourage environmental awareness and sustainable practices amongst future generations. We do so by adhering to sustainable practices in our centres, whether it’s by recycling materials, or teaching children about water conservation through activity and play. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have set ambitious targets to be net positive in our energy consumption by 2025. To achieve this goal we will be investing in solar and green energy in our existing Centres and integrating sustainable building design into all new Centres. We aim to divert 80 per cent of waste from landfill and have partnered with Cleanaway to help us grow and evolve our sustainability commitment.